Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation uses pressurised water to break up the soil, which is then vacuumed up with hydrovacs. This allows for quick, safe and precise excavation with minimal environmental impact and zero surface damage. It’s a great technique for protecting underground assets, such as pre-existing utilities or trees. 

The benefits of hydro excavation include:

  • It’s quicker – get a faster completion of your excavation project
  • It’s only water, air and a hydrovac
  • No risk of damage to pipes and other underground assets
  • Requires fewer personnel onsite
  • Works with a variety of soil types
  • Can be used for hard access locations
  • Reduces cave-ins due to less disruption of the surrounding soil

With an experienced team of 50 personnel, we have highly capable hydrovac operators carrying certified PPE to work in any high-risk environment. We are members of Civil Contractors New Zealand, SiteWise, Site Safe, ConstructSafe and have a strong focus on workplace health and safety.

KB Contractors hydro excavators can help with:

  • Checking for services underground
  • Exposing services for repair or maintenance
  • Laying new services alongside old services
  • Excavating beneath existing paths or driveways
  • Trenching around transformers
  • Pole and pile holes in tight spaces
  • Unblocking sumps

Operating throughout Otago and Southland, KB Contractors have a handful of hydrovac machines working on projects throughout the lower South Island. Email us today to find out more.